Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Most Awesome Salvage Building Ever

There is a woman named Julie in my church who has great style, a gorgeous beachy cottage-style home for her family, and who loves a good garage sale find.

Julie's home, photo by Paul Hanaoka

When Julie googled "LA Salvage Yards" (a perfectly normal google-search) and found one nearby, she called us up to go check it out. It was THE most amazing place ever, I felt like I should tell Emily of Secrets of a Stylist about it because she usually frequents cool hidden furniture places.

It was in an old GM building in the Art Department for designing vehicles or advertisements (I think?)

If we were building or renovating a home I would definitely use it as a resource.  Doors, furniture, paintings, wood planks, old fridges, lamp covers, they had everything! It was basically a big old loft building, like a huge, more authentic and original Habitat for Humanity ReStore. But not like it at all.

We spent about an hour there and I could have stayed longer. I didn't walk away with anything (except some taco's from across the street) but Julie found some old pulleys that she will find an awesome use for in her home.  

Some stuff we saw:

A credenza for $200. The owner said he was using it to stage a home and said it would be about $100 in a few weeks. I also liked the wire trays on top for magazines or paper just to add some color.

Chairs, old signs, industrial everything, and that cool lamp on the right.
Spotlights, fans, lanterns, doors.

Paintings, antlers, a huge mallett (?), a bar table, lamps, ignore the creepy carnival clown.

And this cool old barn door, which reminded me of this home:
Photographed by The Selby, found here.

The owner said that it's almost at the point where things aren't being dropped off anymore (it's all going to Habitat for Humanity ReStore) so go visit while it's still full of original stuff!

LA Salvage
5811 South Broadway
LA, CA 90003

You can see lots more pictures at the website found here:

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