Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Santa Barbara Style

Every year my friend Heidi and I make it a point to meet each other somewhere for a trip (she lives in Alberta). Surprisingly it has worked since we first met as roommates in college. So far we've met in Holland, (she was nannying there) tried out geocaching in Edmonton, Alberta, roadtripped through the ghetto of Portland, went to the Vancouver Olympics, and this year, stayed in Malibu and Santa Barbara.

Although California completely failed the "be sunny when people visit" test, we still had a great time. We camped (hurricaned) in Malibu, and then headed to Santa Barbara and stayed at the Presidio Motel at the end of State St.
Heidi in our room
I loved this place.  It was super cozy, they had great restaurant recommendations (a whole binder written by the owners), served scones in the morning, and had a cool store downstairs called The Supply Room that had a really "california" vibe to it.  I bought some striped Japanese masking tape there. (ironic?)

Apartment Therapy recently featured the home of the Presidio Motel owners, Chris and Kenny.  Here are some cool photos of their home in Santa Barbara. (You can see more photos and the interview here) I love the rugs and all the color thrown in with the white walls, and of course the lush backyard.

I'd love to go back to Santa Barbara, and maybe even rent a house, we saw lots of beautiful Spanish/Californian houses up in the hills when we got lost looking for a hike.  Have you been? Where did you stay?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

An Anthropologie Night

Most of my life dreams include blogging, anthropologie, and free food.  A few weeks ago there was an event with all these things rolled together. Grace Bonney, creator of the blog Design Sponge, was going on tour to sign her new book and had a stop in Beverly Hills. My sister in law asked if I wanted to go with her, and I'm glad we could go together!  I got Paul to quickly order me the book just in time for the event.

It was fun to grab a starbucks and drive out to Beverly Hills.  Here's Janaye and I checking into the beautiful store.
Photo by Rachel Thurston
We got there with just enough time to eat some cupcakes and champagne, and then found that we were conveniently standing in the exact spot where the line started to get our books signed!
Grace Bonney (of Design Sponge) is teeny tiny and super nice.  Then they had a backdrop ready for everyone to get their pictures taken by Rachel Thurston, here is a cute one of Janaye and Leona. Isn't Leonas hat so cute? So many people stopped to say how cute she was.
We wandered around for a bit and browsed, but we weren't feeling particularly rich, so we headed over to California Pizza Kitchen and shared a pesto pizza before heading home.    I love Anthropologie!

The Most Awesome Salvage Building Ever

There is a woman named Julie in my church who has great style, a gorgeous beachy cottage-style home for her family, and who loves a good garage sale find.

Julie's home, photo by Paul Hanaoka

When Julie googled "LA Salvage Yards" (a perfectly normal google-search) and found one nearby, she called us up to go check it out. It was THE most amazing place ever, I felt like I should tell Emily of Secrets of a Stylist about it because she usually frequents cool hidden furniture places.

It was in an old GM building in the Art Department for designing vehicles or advertisements (I think?)

If we were building or renovating a home I would definitely use it as a resource.  Doors, furniture, paintings, wood planks, old fridges, lamp covers, they had everything! It was basically a big old loft building, like a huge, more authentic and original Habitat for Humanity ReStore. But not like it at all.

We spent about an hour there and I could have stayed longer. I didn't walk away with anything (except some taco's from across the street) but Julie found some old pulleys that she will find an awesome use for in her home.  

Some stuff we saw:

A credenza for $200. The owner said he was using it to stage a home and said it would be about $100 in a few weeks. I also liked the wire trays on top for magazines or paper just to add some color.

Chairs, old signs, industrial everything, and that cool lamp on the right.
Spotlights, fans, lanterns, doors.

Paintings, antlers, a huge mallett (?), a bar table, lamps, ignore the creepy carnival clown.

And this cool old barn door, which reminded me of this home:
Photographed by The Selby, found here.

The owner said that it's almost at the point where things aren't being dropped off anymore (it's all going to Habitat for Humanity ReStore) so go visit while it's still full of original stuff!

LA Salvage
5811 South Broadway
LA, CA 90003

You can see lots more pictures at the website found here:  http://losangelessalvage.blogspot.com/

Hammocks and Thrift Stores

Paul and I went to Salvation Army tonight, and I did the "run-really-fast-to-an-item-you-spot", just so no one else gets it, even though we may have been the only ones digging through the lovingly titled BOUTIQUE in the back of the store. The boutique means that they can throw all the high end labels like GAP or Wal-Mart into one section..

But today I found a hammock!

It immediately reminded me of this hammock that I had pinned a while back

Sunny Walker's home photographed by Jeana Sohn. This home deserves another blog post.

It was $25...but
- we have a hammock
- this hammock had weird brown stains
- and I guess Paul was right in saying it might have been a bit broken and falling apart and not worth
  $25..but I did pout a bit because its so pretty! And I could look like Sunny Walker in that picture!
  (We even have the big picture window to sit in front of!)

Here's a picture of Paul chilling on our current hammock. We've moved the table to the left since then. As you can see, this one is not in 100% condition either, but we got this one for free from someone from church. I do want to get a bench for the corner with black and white stripes though. Any idea where to get cheap outdoor fabric?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Job Perks (minus the two hour commute)

For work I attended a labor law conference today in Los Angeles put on by Ogletree Deakins (Why do law firms always have the oddest names?)   Although it may sound a bit un-interesting, we were served breakfast and lunch, the cookies and chai tea were unlimited and I won $150 to Patina restaurants!
Even though we have $150 of free food Paul still reminded me that "their appetizers are 12 dollars!!!"   There are two Patina restaurants located at LACMA and I've wanted to go there too, so I think we need to make a night of it (a night because LA County residents are free after 5pm.)  LACMA is having a California Design exhibit right now which I really want to check out!

The two Patina restaurants at LACMA are

Plaza Cafe

picture found at http://museumstories.com/2011/03/16/from-lampposts-to-tar-pits-2/

and Pentimento Cafe

picture found at http://majirpv.blog10.fc2.com/blog-entry-470.html

They both look cute! Have you been to either? Or do you recommend another Patina restaurant?

Decorations for $2.27

Next week I am hosting a baby shower for someone from our church.  She is having a boy, so I thought I could go with one 'boy" themed item to decorate our apartment.  I found the streamers and string at goodwill and cut streamers last night while watching Pan Am.  I got the idea from here.

PS. What did you think of Pan-Am? I heard someone say "It's like Mad Men on an airplane.." I haven't finished the first episode yet though.