Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hammocks and Thrift Stores

Paul and I went to Salvation Army tonight, and I did the "run-really-fast-to-an-item-you-spot", just so no one else gets it, even though we may have been the only ones digging through the lovingly titled BOUTIQUE in the back of the store. The boutique means that they can throw all the high end labels like GAP or Wal-Mart into one section..

But today I found a hammock!

It immediately reminded me of this hammock that I had pinned a while back

Sunny Walker's home photographed by Jeana Sohn. This home deserves another blog post.

It was $25...but
- we have a hammock
- this hammock had weird brown stains
- and I guess Paul was right in saying it might have been a bit broken and falling apart and not worth
  $25..but I did pout a bit because its so pretty! And I could look like Sunny Walker in that picture!
  (We even have the big picture window to sit in front of!)

Here's a picture of Paul chilling on our current hammock. We've moved the table to the left since then. As you can see, this one is not in 100% condition either, but we got this one for free from someone from church. I do want to get a bench for the corner with black and white stripes though. Any idea where to get cheap outdoor fabric?

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