Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Santa Barbara Style

Every year my friend Heidi and I make it a point to meet each other somewhere for a trip (she lives in Alberta). Surprisingly it has worked since we first met as roommates in college. So far we've met in Holland, (she was nannying there) tried out geocaching in Edmonton, Alberta, roadtripped through the ghetto of Portland, went to the Vancouver Olympics, and this year, stayed in Malibu and Santa Barbara.

Although California completely failed the "be sunny when people visit" test, we still had a great time. We camped (hurricaned) in Malibu, and then headed to Santa Barbara and stayed at the Presidio Motel at the end of State St.
Heidi in our room
I loved this place.  It was super cozy, they had great restaurant recommendations (a whole binder written by the owners), served scones in the morning, and had a cool store downstairs called The Supply Room that had a really "california" vibe to it.  I bought some striped Japanese masking tape there. (ironic?)

Apartment Therapy recently featured the home of the Presidio Motel owners, Chris and Kenny.  Here are some cool photos of their home in Santa Barbara. (You can see more photos and the interview here) I love the rugs and all the color thrown in with the white walls, and of course the lush backyard.

I'd love to go back to Santa Barbara, and maybe even rent a house, we saw lots of beautiful Spanish/Californian houses up in the hills when we got lost looking for a hike.  Have you been? Where did you stay?

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